We care about your success and run our business with a big heart. All our tutors are Ivy League Graduates.We guarantee to help you or your child get higher scores. We have the highest qualified tutors available. Each tutor has finished their graduate degree from all the top dream schools.

We Strive to Assist You in Academic Success!


Our headquarters are in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California, and we eventually  expanded to New York City. We are always willing, available, and happy to meet anytime with prospective families and the families of students we currently assist.

Our tutors are familiar with the specific curricula used at each School. You can rest assured that our tutors adapt their services not only to the subject matter at hand, but to the specific expectations of their classroom instructors. They also provide techniques to help your child excel on their AP examinations.


Because all of our tutors attended Ivy League institutions, the proximity of NYC to these Schools allows us to source and recruit expert instructors who have been with us in many cases for years.

We realize the stakes for academics in New York City are high. We can quell some of the anxieties you may be experiencing by matching you with an expert instructor who will provide the tools your child needs to excel and get admitted to the colleges of their choice.


For those students living in other states we accommodate to you by offering online tutoring. We may fly to visit you once every two months and have weekly sessions online. We have an advanced system for effective online tutoring that will guarantee results for you.


We understand your concerns about entrusting your or your child’s future and academic success on us. Feel free to read our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if you have any more burning questions, send us a message.