We serve as your personal concierge for all of your academic and tutoring needs.

GMAT/GRE Test Prep

Helping You Achieving Ivy League-Worthy High Scores

Our Test Prep instructors are the best, bar none. They have taught the GRE and GMAT for years, and are expertly trained to teach the new iterations of both tests. They will meet with you privately for as long as needed. A typical course of Test Prep lasts 3 to 6 months, though we occasionally work with highly motivated students who want to prep full-time (every day) over a month.

Homework Help

Our Most Popular Service

Some of our tutors are especially trained and qualified to assist your child across all curricular subjects, including but not limited to the Sciences, Math, English and History, and a Foreign Language. Many of these tutors work with our families for years, as early as the first year of Middle School and until the end of a student’s High School career or even beyond in college.

Subject Tutoring

Every Subject of Instruction Available

We have expert tutors for every subject of instruction, up to and including at the AP Level, and for popular subjects such as AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Computer Science, AP Government, AP English, AP Statistics as well as every other AP subject. Our instructors can also teach and tutor Spanish, French, Latin and Chinese.

Executive Functioning

Highly Individualized & Personalized

Some of our tutors are expertly trained to work with students with special needs or learning differences, whether ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, or something else. In some cases, your child may simply benefit from our suite of “Executive Functioning” services comprised of study techniques, time management, homework help, and test prep tips.

College Counseling & Essay Specialists

Assistance with Every Step of the College Application Process
We are not traditional college counselors. We can help with every step of the application process (starting in 9th grade by putting a plan of action together or in 11th grade when coming up with a college list), which Alex, our co-founder, personally consults with families for on a select case-by-case basis. Our expert and experienced college application specialists assist students with writing their Personal Statement and College Application Secondary Essays, from the inception of an idea to outlining and multiple drafts. Our Admissions Specialists are all successful Ivy League graduates themselves.

Home-Schooling & Independent Study

For Non-Traditional, Gifted and High-Achieving Students
We can assist you with finding and applying to the right home-school program for your child’s specific and individual needs. Whether a gifted child looking to be challenged beyond the confines of a classroom or because he or she is a professional athlete or working actor, we will assist you with every step of the process. Then, we can put together a team of expert tutor-instructors (specifically experienced with home-schooling students) who can meet daily with your child and assist them with their assignments, including subject teaching as needed, following a schedule at your convenience.

TV/Film On-Set Tutoring

Your Personal Studio Teacher

The production company will always provide you a studio instructor. But many families elect to have one or several additional instructors who are especially qualified to teach your child specific or advanced subjects. They can meet on-set, provided they get pre-approval from the Unit Production Manager, or at your home when your child is off-set.

International Tutoring

An Exclusive Service

We have matched expert instructors (usually with advanced Master’s or PhD Degrees and multiple years of personalized one-on-one teaching experience) with traveling families around the globe, including the children of A-listers, Royalty, diplomats, and high net worth individuals. Call us today to inquire about this unique service we proudly offer.

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